Unveiling the National Quantum Strategies Worldwide – Part I

National Quantum Strategies

As the world moves closer to a quantum future, countries around the world are adopting national quantum strategies to both try to take the lead in the sector and open up to international collaboration. In the first half of 2023 alone, seven countries either adopted or updated their national quantum strategies.

Quantum Randomness

Randomness is involved in different domains of modern society. It is a very complicated concept, that has been vastly exploited using techniques coming from classical physics, which is a deterministic theory. Quantum technologies can solve this problem because quantum mechanics is intrinsically probabilistic, that is the behaviour of quantum systems exhibits inherent randomness.

Quantum computers and their threat to modern cryptography 

quantum computer

Quantum computers exploit the laws of quantum mechanics to perform calculations, in principle, substantially faster than classical computers. The security of today’s cryptography will potentially be broken, in the next future, by the upcoming quantum machines.