The company engineers, develops, and produces reconfigurable Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) architectures thanks to the work of a team of quantum experts and entrepreneurs, and offers fully made in Italy products and solutions, designed and developed with proprietary skills and expertise using a strategic European supply chain.

Based on
Nature's laws

QKD is a physical layer method, based on the laws of nature, that allows future-proof data encryption, exhibiting a secure way of distributing random keys between distant users. Such secret keys can therefore be used by existing cypher machines to guarantee the ultimate security of digital communication.

Key Features

Our solutions are certified and secure against classical and quantum attacks.

We offer fully made in Italy products and solutions, designed and developed with proprietary skills and expertise, using a strategic European supply chain.


QTI company offer relies on the Quell-X family products, a complete QKD system composed by 1 Alice unit and 1 Bob unit able to generate quantum secured keys for ultra-secure data communications.

The security of the quantum keys is guaranteed by the laws of quantum physics, that allow to identify unwanted harmful eavesdroppers in the communication link.

Quell-X family products offer an ultra-versatile solution that can be used in any network configuration: point-to-point links, trusted note configuration and more advanced network topologies (i.e., ring or star networks).

Our systems are fully integrable in existing telecom networks thanks to the flexibility of our apparatuses operating both in the C-band and in the O-band configuration.

Quell-X QTI
Quell-X family is composed by three main versions:


the core product of family. It ensures a reliable and high-performance QKD quantum key generation. It includes the standardized key management entity and is compatible with third parties' encryptor unit.


the end-to-end encryption system based on Quell-X core. The product includes in a fully integrated solution high-speed cyphers units (from Telsy s.p.a.) injected with the quantum keys generated by our QKD system.


the Quell-X version for academic and research activities. It generates raw key data for custom post-processing protocols and future developments. Quell-XR is a platform open for customization and can be interfaces with third parties’ detectors.

  • Crypto keys distribution infrastructures
  • Data center security
  • Medical data protection
  • National and cross-borders telecommunication backbones 
  • Trusted nodes based long-distance key distribution
  • Key distribution across advanced reconfigurable networks (star, ring, software defined networks)
  • Defense telecommunication infrastructure
  • Governmental and financial data security
  • Critical infrastructure security: airports, harbours, gas-distribution and power-grids distribution