PROgraMmable integrated photonic nEuromorphic and quanTum networks​ for High-speed imaging, communications and sEcUrity applicationS​. Bio-inspired and quantum paradigms have risen as the two main competitors aiming to address the inefficiency of “conventional” computational schemes. Up to now these two paradigms utilize non-overlapping routes towards addressing this common objective; routes that are challenging in terms of scalability and integration readiness. PROMETHEUS’ proposition aims to shatter the boundaries between neuromorphic and quantum engineering and merge them to a common disruptive photonic integrated platform, able to merge each field’s merits. The platform will be based on a dense reconfigurable silicon waveguide mesh, powered by non-volatile BaTiO3 phase-shifters offering marginal power consumption and GHz tuning speed, during mesh reconfiguration. A key “upgrade” to this “synaptic” platform will be the co-integration of ultra-fast, multi-section lasers, acting as “neurons”.

QTI’s role: Partner