Outlook on QTI at Optical Fiber Conference 2022

Here is a look back at this amazing experience.

Tommaso Occhipinti, CEO and Co-founder, and Davide Bacco, CTO, participated in the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC22), at San Diego Convention Center, held from 6 to 10 March. Here is a look back at this amazing experience.

Overview of the Optical Fiber Conference

From 6 to 10 March, QTI attended the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC22), at San Diego Convention Center. OFC is the greatest and largest professional event in the optical communications scenario worldwide. Every year it gathers researchers and professionals from all over the globe to network and exchange ideas about the latest developments in the field. 

OFC is mainly composed by two different but intertwined segments: the Conference and the Exhibition. The Conference features a high-quality technical program, encompassing demos, tutorials, half-day short courses, and symposia with peer-reviewed presentations from optical communications experts. The Exhibition provides a space for business operators from all countries for displaying their products and solutions and welcoming clients and partners to their booth. 

This well-coordinated ensemble guarantees the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas in the twofold profile of research and development, with a relevant involvement of academia, and of showcasing business solutions.

This year, OFC22 has been the first in-person global event on optical communications after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, attracting more than 8000 people and 430 exhibitors. This boosted a vivid and community atmosphere where participants networked in a cooperative spirit. Remote attendance was guaranteed to companies and experts that did not manage to reach San Diego, allowing a high number of contributors. Some sessions were especially devoted to the interaction among speakers and exhibitors favoring a fruitful debate on up-to-date issues, including a session concerning different views about the potentialities of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

QTI participation in the Optical Fiber Conference 2022

QTI has been the only Italian company to participate in the event and, as a further matter of pride, it has actively taken part in both the Conference and the Exhibition of OFC22.

Davide Bacco, QTI Chief Technical Officer, indeed gave an invited talk about “Quantum communications using space encoding technique”, on Monday 7 March. Being invited to such an outstanding event is a great achievement for Davide as a researcher, and also for QTI as a whole. The speech was exciting and much appreciated by the audience, confirming the scientific relevance of its contents. 

The company booth at the Optical Fiber Conference 2022

QTI was also included among the OFC22 Exhibitors, building its company booth. The booth showed to the world the company’s products and solutions, displaying the QTI logo on panels and screens. The word “quantum” in QTI company name, well captured by the new logo, favored the interest of the onlookers willing to get information about QTI latest results in the field of quantum communications, and the Quell-X family products, a complete QKD system. Ready for the worldwide telecommunication market, Quell-X is the perfect product for private customers, large companies, institutions, defense, and represents the complete solution for the largest international research & innovation projects. 

The very core of the booth was the people therein. QTI Team welcomed all the participants stopping at the booth, explaining the company’s business and field of research. The booth was much attended by potential clients, interested in having information and details about QTI solutions and by possible business partners keen on joining efforts. Dozens of researchers and company representatives, including manufacturers, vendors, and operators along the entire supply chain, interacted with QTI Team and showed great interest in the QTI solutions.

Overall, QTI’s participation in OFC22 has been a remarkable confirmation of the international vocation of the company, with the hope of becoming a fixture in its annual events.